"portraits of a loon"

Growing up in this region has instilled a love for the cry of loons and their captivating presence on the lakes. It is this profound admiration for these magnificent creatures that inspired me to create this series. Through my designs, I aim to capture the essence of the the loons' mysterious allure.

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"like a fish..."

This collection of aquatic artistry invites you to immerse yourself in a surreal world of fish where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur, leaving you enchanted by the graceful movements of these graphic fish.

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"the humble dandelion"

"The Humble Dandelion" collection is a blend of graphic and photography images that celebrates the understated beauty and resilience of this seemingly ordinary flower. This collection invites viewers to discover the hidden charm and symbolic significance of the dandelion in a fresh and imaginative way.

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"backyard companion"

Presenting a series of robins perched on various graphics, this collection encapsulates the beauty and charm of these beloved birds. 

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"fluffy exclamation point"

Each image features vibrant colors and bold lines, highlighting the iconic cattail's distinctive cylindrical shape.

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New Collections Coming Soon!